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10 class package: $140
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Private lessons: $95 for 1 x (90 min)
$340 for 4 x (90 min)
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The Salimpour School in San Diego

The SALIMPOUR School in San Diego!!!  

Dance for Fun! *  Dance for Strength! * Dance for Passion! * Dance for Life!

With so many ways to spend your time working out and exercising, why not chose the activity that will be a great workout, super fun and  at the same time learn musicallity, structure and cultural history  !!!

Rachel is one of the highest certified dancers in the world trained in the international SUHAILA SALIMPOUR format.  She is Level 5 certified and is the Salimpour School branch in San Diego.  All classes directly apply the Salimpour formats making them fun & challenging along with Rachel’s own unique flare!!

Belly dance is the perfect low impact form of exercise and not to mention the camaraderie and friendships that develop!! If you enjoy dance and want the freedom to move AND tap into your creative artistic side…you have arrived!


*** Salimpour Certification CEC classes ***

The Salimpour School San Diego location offers Continued Education Credit classses and  is overseen by Rachel George.  Start dates  TBA


  • Combinations
  • Choreography
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Props (veil, double veil, sword, cane)
  • Floor Work
  • Competition Coaching
  • On-line coaching & lessons
  • Professional Presentation
  • Technique
  • Drum solo isolations and stylization
  • Improvisation technique
  • Live music performance


Level 1 Suhaila

These classes are designed to teach students necessary skills, technique and terminology to develop organic movement, to move forward in dance and create their own expression through bellydance.  Classes are structured on the Suhaila Salimpourformat and class composition including warm-up, technique, vocabulary, and nomenclature. Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate


Level 1 Jamila

Jamila Salimpour, Suhaila’s mother, was the first belly dance teacher to create a specific format of movements with individual names for each step.  The original  Belly Dance style!   The steps she created are now the majority of belly dance movements taught today.  Class includes combinations from the Jamila Salimpour format vocabulary of step families and from Suhaila Salimpour technique and nomenclature.  The Jamila Salimpour format is vintage bellydance, the basis for both American classical cabaret and traditional tribal.  Jamila’s format was the inspiration and foundation of what later became known as American Tribal Style. Jamila is also the master of finger cymbals.  Each class is different and invaluable as far as developing both dance and finger cymbal skills, as well as learning the history of belly dance movements in America. Jamila truly is the American matriarch of belly dance!  Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate


Level 2 Suhaila

 Students add to the knowledge built in Level 1 using the skill and technique to obtain higher focus in practice, movement application, precision and dance ability, achieving a greater level of movement fluidity and endurance/efficiency.   Classes are structured on the Suhaila Salimpourformat.   Class composition includes: warm-up for strengthening, movement application, vocabulary, nomenclature, technique execution, drills, finger cymbals, extensive foot patterns and of course fantastic combinations. These classes are fun and challenging! Instructor approval is required to before taking Level 2.  Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate



This class is high energy movement through belly dancing basics to get you sweating and rev up your cardio!  We develope strength with a challenging warm-up, abdominal focus to target belly and core strength, and then dance it up to keep you exercising and enjoying your workout.  No previous dance required; All levels welcome.


          Class Schedule

** Please be on time.  Tardiness it is disruptive to the class and a proper warm up is necessary for your safety and required for attendance.

** All  lesson/class packages expire 4 months from purchase date. Please use packages within a 4 month time period.


Level 1 




6:30 - 7:30pm   
Glisten Sutdio  **Sign up with Glisten Studio
780 Main St. Ste. 1, Ramona CA 92065 

Level 1      (Suhaila Format)

7:30 - 9p     
Glisten Studio  **Sign up with Rachel
780 Main St. Ste. 1,  Ramona CA 92065 (Ramona) 


Level 2      (Suhaila Format)

6:30 - 8p        
Momentum Dance Studio  **Sign up with Rachel
9235 Trade Pl Ste. F, San Diego CA 92126 (Mira Mesa)

Level 1      (Jamila Format)

8 - 9p       
Momentum Dance Studio  *Sign up with Rachel
9235 Trade Pl Ste. F, San Diego CA 92126 (Mira Mesa)



Private Instruction

Schedule is flexible; please contact Rachel to set up lesson times

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Semi-privates also available; please contact Rachel for information

Email Contact Rachel

(All  lesson/class  packages expire 4 months from purchase date. Please use  packages within a 4 month time period.)