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6 class punch card: $90
10 class punch card: $140
1 Drop-in/1 class: $17 / class
Private lessons: $95 for 1 lesson


$340 for 4 x lessons

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The SALIMPOUR™ School Authourized CEC classes in San Diego!!!  

Rachel is one of the highest certified dancers in the world trained in the international SALIMPOUR™ formats.  She is Level 5 certified and is the Salimpour™ School licensed instructor in San Diego.  All classes directly apply the Salimpour™ formats making them fun & challenging along with Rachel’s own unique flare!!

Dance for Fun! *  Dance for Strength! * Dance for Passion! * Dance for Life!


  • Salimpour™ Formats
  • Jamila Style
  • Suhaila Technique
  • Combinations
  • Choreography
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Props (veil, double veil, sword, cane)
  • Floor Work
  • Competition Coaching
  • On-line coaching & lessons
  • Professional Presentation
  • Technique
  • Drum solo isolations and stylization
  • Improvisation technique
  • Live music performance


SCHEDULE   -   No Class October 2nd

Level 1 :  WEDNESDAY  6:30 pm   *Suhaila Format   

Momentum Dance Studio  9235 Trade Pl Ste. F, San Diego CA 92126 (Mira Mesa)

Intro Foundation Technique:  All students new to Salimpour™ formats, whether brand new or advanced dancers, begin with Level 1.   These classes are designed to teach dancers necessary skills, technique and terminology to develop organic movement, to move forward in dance and create their own expression through bellydance.  Classes are structured on the Suhaila Salimpour™ format . Class composition includes warm-up, technique, vocabulary, musicality awareness and nomenclature. Bring your finger cymbals; cymbals also available at studio for purchase.Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 & Jamila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate.  (CECs only count if taught by licensed CEC instructor Rachel George).


Level 1 :  WEDNESDAY  8:00 pm   *Jamila Format         

Momentum Dance Studio  9235 Trade Pl Ste. F, San Diego CA 92126 (Mira Mesa)

Intro Jamila Style:   Jamila Salimpour™, Suhaila’s mother, was the first belly dance teacher to create a specific format of movements with individual names for each step.  The original  Belly Dance style!   The steps she created are now the majority of belly dance movements taught today.  Dancers learn the JL1 Steps and the step families.  Class includes combinations from the Jamila Salimpour™ format vocabulary of step families and Suhaila Salimpour™ technique and nomenclature.  The Jamila Salimpour™ format is vintage bellydance; the basis for both American classical cabaret and traditional tribal.  Jamila’s format was the inspiration and foundation of what later became known as American Tribal Style. Jamila is also the master of finger cymbals.  Each class is different and invaluable as far as developing both dance and finger cymbal skills, as well as learning the history of belly dance movements in America. Jamila truly is the American matriarch of belly dance!  Bring your finger cymbals; cymbals also available at studio for purchase.  Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 & Jamila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate.


Level 2:  TBA 

Momentum Dance Studio  9235 Trade Pl Ste. F, San Diego CA 92126 (Mira Mesa)

Suhaila Format Level 2 

In L2, students continue developing muscle and body awareness while increasing the prevision, efficiency and fluidity of their movements. Layering concepts are introduced in the warm-up. Dancers begin integrating belly dance movements with dance movement and cymbals. Additional music theory, history and cultural elements are included. Choreography is introduced both as a training and testing tool.    Build your strength and stamina 

Jamila Format Level 2 

In Jamila Level 2, Dancers continue their study of the step families, movements, dance history, stylization, and cymbal patterns. Learning is promoted through technique, stylization, choreography, reading, and lecture. Learning tools, workshop information, testing details, and a list of the covered steps, cymbals, etc. are provided in this section.


Private Instruction

Private & Semi-private lessons available. Please contact Rachel to set up lesson times

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(All  lesson/class  packages expire 4 months from purchase date & non-refundable. Please use  packages within a 4 month time period.)



Online classes - ONLINE Classes Sign-Up

Want more class options?  Feel like doubeling up your classe or training regimen?  Is it too far to travel for live in studio classes?  This is the perfect answer for your dance class needs!  With hundreds of classes, choreography and multiple finger cymbal guides and training tools at your fingertips, choose what fits your needs.  Create a personalized  training plan or choose from one of the many recommended options:  Suhaila Technique class, Jamila Technique classes, Veil, Double Veil, Sword, Cane, Fan Veil, Pot Dances, Dance Movement, Folkloric Fusion, Specialty classes, Guest instructors, Choreography galore!  There is no shortage here!  Click through  THIS LINK   to create your profile and start your online class subscription today!


     **  Wear comfortable clothing to stretch and move in…  Yoga or Jazz class attire is appropriate. Bare feet,  ballet slippers or jazz shoes are all acceptable.
     ** Please be on time.  Tardiness it is disruptive to the class and a proper warm up is necessary for your safety and required for attendance.
     ** All  lesson/class packages expire 4 months from purchase date. Please use packages within a 4 month time period.