Folkloric Fusion w/Zoom option

Folkloric Fusion w/Zoom option


Elements: Level 1+ Props, Cymbals, Heels & Elements of Performance

Combining Rachel’s 25+ years of performance experience, competition reign, Salimpour training and extensive use of props including sword, double sword, fire props, veil, double veil, cane & more, we explore and combine all the elements of performance through combinations, choreography, improvisation and more!

Folkloric Fusion

Rachel teaches Suhaila Salimpour’s Folkloric Fusion™ classes: you’ll learn belly dance responsibly in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment.  Using Suhaila’s revolutionary dance technique, and Jamila’s seminal step vocabulary, Folkloric Fusion™ classes introduce you to cultural stylizations, fun finger cymbal patterns, and the diverse range of music and cultures from around the Middle East, North Africa, and the Turkish peninsula.

Rachel is Suhaila Level 5 and Jamila Level 5 certified and is pursuing continued education to maintain her teaching certificate.
(CECs only count if taught by licensed CEC instructor Rachel George)

Due to the recent pandemic and local lock downs, all classes are online until local classes can resume

1 Live Class = 1 CEC   (valid until in-person local classes resume)

Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device.
You will be sent an invite to the Zoom meeting once you have made payment via Square.
If you have purchased ahead of time or have a class card, please message me for the invite if you wish to attend.

All students must fill out a Class Registration Liability Form prior to attending live and online streaming classes.




Please sign in at least 15 minutes early for technical check and roll call.