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Suhaila L1 Certification Workshop Series  2017   

September 10th (4 CEC hrs) 10:00a - 2:30p
October 1st (4 CEC hrs) 10:00a - 2:30p
November 5th (4 CEC hrs) 10:00a - 2:30p
December 3rd (3 CEC hrs) 10:00a - 1:00p + Optional Level 1 Test
For the first time in SoCal the Salimpour™ School San Diego, Vilia and Rachel proudly presents the first Suhaila Level 1 Certification Workshop taught by Suhaila L5 insturctor Rachel George.  (15 CECs for certified dancers).   Join the family!  Be the best dancer you can be!  Get Certified in the strongest belly dance format in the world!

Space is limited for testers; please sign up now to reserve your spot.  The test will be held December 3rd after the workshop.  Dancers who plan to test must attend all four workshops.

Weekly classes and/or online Salimpour classes are great preparation and growth opportunities. Registrants will be provided a list of resources to aid in preparation.  Get a head start on your training process now and contact Rachel directly for assistance and training plan direction.
Full series by August 1st  = $450         
** Certification Test Fee (separate)  $250 **
1st tuition deposit  = $200
2nd tuition deposit  = $200
3rd tuition deposit  = $50
Full series after August 1st  = $500
Individual workshop price $130 (each)


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Workshops - Here & There 

    10th - Certification workshop San Diego listed above
    1st - Certification workshop San Diego listed above
    5th - Certification workshop San Diego listed above

    3rd - Certification workshop San Diego listed above

Popular Workshop Topics

Salimpour™ Certification: Suhaila Level 1 (CECs)
Get Certified in one of the strongest BellyDance formats in the world!    
Salimpour™ Sampler
Get an awesome overview of both the Suhaila and Jamila formats; technique, timing, posture, style, dance movement, step families, historical origins, etc....   (CECs available)
Suhaila Format Level 1  (CECs)
Level 1 starts with the basics of Suhaila’s format. Learn the skills necessary to develop the physical strength and mind-body connection to continue through the certification program. This level represents Suhaila’s extensive formal training in the structured disciplines of Contemporary and Middle Eastern dance. Due to the unique nature of Suhaila’s format, all new students in the Certification program, whether they are beginning or advanced dancers, begin with L1.    
Suhaila Format Level 2 (CECs)
In L2, students continue developing muscle and body awareness while increasing the prevision, efficiency and fluidity of their movements. Layering concepts are introduced in the warm-up. Dancers begin integrating belly dance movements with dance movement and cymbals. Additional music theory, history and cultural elements are included. Choreography is introduced both as a training and testing tool.   Build your strength and stamina    

Jamila Format Level 1 Overview  

Jamila Salimpour, Suhaila’s mother, was the first belly dance teacher to create a specific format of movements with individual names for each step and Step Families.  The original Belly Dance Style!  The steps she created are now the majority of belly dance movements taught today.  Jamila’s format was the inspiration and foundation of what later became known as American Tribal Style.

Jamila Format Level 2 Overview  

In Jamila Level 2, Dancers continue their study of the step families, movements, dance history, stylization, and cymbal patterns. Learning is promoted through technique, stylization, choreography, reading, and lecture. Learning tools, workshop information, testing details, and a list of the covered steps, cymbals, etc. are provided in this section.

Beginner Belly Basics

Excellent for someone brand new who is interested in beginning the lovely art of Belly Dance or the hobbyist dancer wanting to add some spice. Work on the basic concepts of using muscle contractions to generate the foundation of isolated Belly Dance movements.

Tantalizing Technique

Technique is the foundation for any style of dance movement. Soft arms or crisp hips are all pieces to the dance movement package. This is a well developed workshop to teach dancers the "beyond basics" and start adding musical timing with creative patterns to their Bellydance repertoire.

Drill * Drills * Drills

Drills and repetition are the best way to hone your skill and fine tune your technique. Perfect for any dancer who wants to be challenged and enjoys a great workout!!!

Powerful Props

Learn a variety of exciting props in the avenue of Bellydance stage entertainment. Including; 

Veil, Double Veil, Cane, and Sword. Everyone loves this well rounded prop performance!!! Technique, Combinations and Choreography available with these props.

Fabulous Floor Work

Floor work is a soft yet powerful part of Bellydance. It can be an intoxicating demonstration of strength and skill. Dancers will learn preparation for getting to the floor; different styles and movement; the best ways to get back up; and key points to remember. Combinations and Choreography available.

Crazy Combinations

Combinations are a perfect way to create short movements and hear different accents and breaks in the music. Learn a multitude of fabulous floor patterns, hip isolations, arm articulations, fun finger cymbal patterns, musical phrasing, traveling steps and dance movement using dance terminology and staging. Lavishing Layered Isolations ~ Learn Rachel’s amazing style of articulated and captivating hip work!!! These isolations can be used to WOW any audience whether it’s in a choreography, improvisation, combinations, floor work or more.

Funky Finger Cymbals

The finger cymbals are the icing on the cake! If you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, this workshop is for you!!! Learn fun and different patterns, technique for sound, timing and dance movement while playing your cymbals!!!

Competition Coaching + Professional Preparation

Perfect for any dancer seeking to grow or gain feedback on performance, costuming and professional presentation. Gain powerful insight on competition training and judging expectations. Learn the "Ins and Outs" of Night Club Dancing, what to bring and how to properly seek out performance opportunities and gigs.

Drum Solo Choreography

The highlight of the dance! Excitement! Drama! Fun! Surprise! Show off your skill! Learn how to hit your breaks and accents, add in your technique and isolations, personality and dance movement to WOW your audience.

Lyrical Choreography

Rachel’s emotional and artistic expression of lyrical music is one of a kind. Learn to hear musical phrasing, connect to the audience, put technique and meaning to movement and create a multidimensional emotional experience for your audience!!!!