What people are saying...


Director: Sahara's Dream - OR

Best money I ever spent. I would sponsor her for a workshop again in a heartbeat, and would take any workshop offered with her.

Suhalia Salimpour

Instructor & Performing Artist - CA

Rachel is a hard working student and dancer, and a wonderful representative of the new generation of belly dancers.


Level I Student - San Diego, CA

I had such a great time! You are such a great inspiration. Iā€™m so looking forward to learning more.. thanks so much for sharing your talents.


Vilia Varghese

Performing Artist - CA

She is an amazing and talented performer blending beautiful stage presence with heart stopping technique and grace. As an instructor, she demonstrated extreme professionalism through her use of a thoroughly structured and challenging teaching format all delivered in her friendly and down-to-earth style.

Karla Johnson

Mentor & Performing Artist - OR

Rarely does a dancer of this caliber appear. Rachel is a dynamic combination of technical amazement and entertainment joy. She is delightful to her students, as she educates in her seminars with both knowledge and warmth. The belly dance world is enriched to have such a bright star among us.


Audience Member - San Diego, CA

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your captivating performance last Saturday evening at Zorba's. You are a true artist, a master of your craft and a very sensual, sexy performer! I look forward to seeing you at other venues in the near future...your talent is amazingly beautiful!!


Mimi Grifkin

Professor & Performing Artist - CA

She is both an amazing dancer and instructor!!!! She is a very athletic dancer, and she knows the benefit of becoming a better dancer by being in great shape. I appreciate this in her dancing and teaching methods.


Performing Artist - OR

Rachel is a confident dancer with amazing control and dynamic isolations. Every time I see her dance I am struck by the soaring levels she has taken this art form.


Performing Artist - WA

Rachel embodies the spirit of this dance form like no other and performs with such joy and energy. Her trademark style is like nothing you've ever seen before. Highly entertaining!


Harry Mossalman

Friend & Business Owner (Pasha's)

Rachel has been my friend for many years, and most recently a business partner. Her character as a person is ethically one of the best. She dances in my restaurant simply because she is one of the greatest dancers of this time; you either have it or you don't! And I am happy to have her here. Rachel is a multi-award winning performer and I would refer her for any event that requested the highest level of professionalism and beautiful entertainment. Her artistic talent has entertained my clientele for years and she continues to mesmerize!

Tom Dickey

Audience Member - Utah

I do not say this in any manner to detract form other professional dancers. Many of those ladies have truly honed their dancing skills to a exceptional level. That of itself is well and good. Having said that,, Rachel has set the bar at a height I am starting to doubt any shall surpass, or equal for that matter. Never-the-less, my opinion is this. No matter how good you are today, you will always try to be better tomorrow. NEVER STOP REACHING AND TRYING.

Sabrina Fox

San Diego, CA

Rachel George is a truly gifted teacher and performer, just finished my third week in her classes and I can really see a change in me already. She has connected so many dots, shown me the seeds of the dances I do, challenged me in ways I have always needed as a student. I leave her classes exhausted and excited for the next one. She has always been one of my favorite performers and I feel fortunate as hell to have her as a teacher. I like her so much I kinda don't wanna share cuz then there will be no room for me in her classes haha šŸ™‚ not! Totally joking....


Mimi Grifkin

Professor & Performing Artist - CA

You are my 'Obi-Wan" and I am 'Luke'! You are such an awe-inspiring instructor.

Jamelah Naas Nawas

Portland, OR

Hello Rachel, not sure if you remember us?? My husband Basim Nawas and I had the pleasure to have you dance at our wedding October 17, 2009. We were referred to you by our mutual friend Housain Ghahramani. We just watched our wedding video and I wanted to thank you again and again for making our wedding extra memorable and fun! You are truly truly an AMAZING dancer and here I'm after 8 years telling you that my wedding guests, most of them from the middle east and North Africa, still talk about how amazing and fun your dance /entertainment was!! Thank you again and I wish you all the best in life!